Monday, September 7, 2009

Six months

England convicted three men of plotting to blow up planes on flights between Britain and the United States and Canada. The plan was to blow up planes with liquid explosives in soft-drink bottles.

English justice is not American justice
. Punishment is far less punitive and severe. If the convicted Lockerbie bomber who has been freed and is home in Libya is any indication, these guys will be out in six months. After all the Lockerbie bomber was convicted of killing 270 people, these guys were only found guilty of conspiracy to murder.

On the other hand, English justice is not American justice. The rights of the defendant are far slimmer. These men were convicted on their second trial for the same crime. That's double jeopardy in America. These men are going away on a majority verdict of 11 to 1. That's a hung jury in America.

If the deconstructionists have convinced the Clarion Content of anything, it is that the law is always gray.


Ian M'rock said...

This would have been better if the Hung Jury had linked to 12 Angry Men, instead of the wiki article on the phrase. Where'd your sense of style go, man?

Aaron said...

Thank you. Thank you very much, just trying to make clear we all know what a hung jury is. I thought Wiki's entry was pretty good.

If there was only some way to make it up to you...