Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wider War

Despite the very limited play it is getting in the mainstream United States media, Iraq continues the downward spiral into wider regional war. Turkish troops and warplanes regularly engage Kurdish troops inside the borders of Iraq. Of course, Iraq central government is both powerless to stop it and ill-incentivized to defend Kurdish citizens of the state. As the Clarion Content has repeatedly warned the "state" of Iraq is an illusion created in the mind of a Western mapmaker. A dictator like Saddam Hussein might have been able to hold it together by brute force, secret police, torture and intimidation, but those days are over. The "state" is disintegrating.

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Aaron said...

Speaking of the wider war around Iraq, this time involving different players. The cross border attack that United States troops launched into Syrian territory may have been conducted with Syrian complicity all along according to this report in the Times Online.