Monday, October 6, 2008

A tie

The Clarion had discussed previously that there is some possibility of tie in the Electoral College vote in the United States Presidential election. Here Reuters breaks it down in detail and discusses what might then happen.

The Clarion recalled that the Constitution called for the House of Representatives to vote on who becomes president, but forgot that the vote was one state delegation, one vote, not one representative, one vote (50 votes total, not 535.) Currently the Democrats have a majority of the representatives in 27 states, the Republicans in 21 states. Of course, the elections could change that and there would be all sorts of other factors in play. For instance, what if your state has a majority of one party's people as Congressional Representatives, but the state voted for the other party's presidential candidate on election night, what then? What if your state has an equal number of representatives on each side of the aisle? Our sources say that a hung House of Representatives vote would result in the Senate's choice for Vice-President becoming the President.


Joe Biden here we come?

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