Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Republican nominee

Is another governor from Arkansas headed to the White House?

One of our older readers, a stalwart Republican since the AUH2O campaign of Barry Goldwater, made a point of telling us this past weekend that he thinks the Republican Presidential nominee will be Mike Huckabee.

The case he made, in brief, goes something like this. Huckabee has campaigned once and learned the nuances of the primaries. He has tight ties with Republican base, especially the evangelicals. Our wise old Republican says that Sarah Palin is too volatile, too much of a lightning rod. He believes that much like the Dems rejected Hillary, her negatives were too high, the Republicans know that Palin is viewed as toxic by too many.

He discounts Mitt Romney as too liberal too win the nomination. The man who presaged Obamacare in Tax-achusetts is not winning the Republican nomination. Newt Gingrich is ruled out for having too much baggage. He is Gary Hart, there is no way the media isn't digging up dirt on old Newt that will rule him out. He may be the powerbroker who decides who will be king.

The rest of the legions of unknowns John Thune, Lindsey Graham et al. are not coming from out of nowhere. Though many of our liberal friends disagree, our old Republican hand says there is no way Jeb Bush gets drafted off of the bench for this run. The Bush name still has too many negative connotations.

Ironically, for all that, this stalwart Republican is not an unabashed Huckabee supporter. In fact, he would prefer to see one of the unknowns, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, become a household name as he emerges to the steal the nomination from more famous contenders, ala Obama. Perhaps the only thing ala Obama this diehard Republican has ever wished for.

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TexasConservative said...

I too think our Republican nominee will be Mike Huckabee. In order to evict an incumbent, the voters need a reason to place their trust with the other party. Mike Huckabee has 10 1/2 years of executive experience running a microcosm of the federal government. He left office only due to term limits with an approval rating in the 60's.

Mike Huckabee will be able to show the voters that they can trust him to make good policy decisions and get our country back into fiscal responsibility.

Please check out I Like Mike Huckabee 2012 to learn more about Gov. Huckabee's record and policies.