Saturday, October 24, 2009

A bathrobe or jail!

Wear a bathrobe or face jail, apparently that is the policy in the community of Springfield, Virginia. One man found out the hard way. Eric Williamson, 29, stands accused of making coffee naked in his kitchen. It was 5.30am and Williamson who grew up in Hawaii had not anticipated the peeping tom, stalker culture perpetrated by the over crowded mcmansions and condo-villes of NoVa.

Could there be a more ludicrous affair for the State to thrust its nose into? One of his neighbors, a woman, who for reasons unclear, was outside Williamson's window at 5.30am with her seven year old son pushed the cops to press the charge of indecent exposure.

What makes this case even more ridiculous Williamson was home alone!?! If making coffee naked when you are home alone is a crime, what next? Wtf? What is the compelling interest for the State to get involved? He faces a maximum sentence of one year in jail and $2,000 fine.

Read more here at, where else, Fox News naturally.


Aaron said...

A second Fox News story says the time of day the event occurred was 8.30am, which actually materially changes things.

5.30am a time when one can reasonably cavort around the kitchen without worrying about neighbors peering through the windows.

8.30am, one had better at least close the blinds.

We still highly doubt the compelling interest for the involvement for the State.

Mya said...

Ok, wearing a bathrobe is not a big deal, but you are alone in your own house and it is inside not in the outside. My question is why they were looking inside? If you are passing through pass and go wherever you go. That's so stupid.

Aaron said...

Mya- Right there with ya! Home is the castle, keep your nose outta my windows and you'll never have to deal with whether or not I wear a bathrobe when brewing the morning coffee.