Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama hosts dinner

President Obama held what was termed a "Time Out" dinner Wednesday night at the White House. Approximately 180 guests, all of the House and Senate committee chairs, the ranking members, the members of the President's cabinet, his senior staff, and legislative staff along with all their spouses sat down to eat at the White House. Tables were adorned with white roses, white peonies and green apple centerpieces.

The President was quoted by ABC News,
"The country is going though an extraordinarily difficult time, and we are going to have some monumental debates taking place over the next several months and years. We’re not always going to agree on everything. But given how hard so many of you are working on both sides of the aisle day in and day out, I thought it was important for us to be able to step back for a moment, and remind ourselves that we have things in common family, friends, laughter. This is a pretty big house so we get lonely."
Reportedly on the menu according to ABC News: Celery Soup, Wild Mushroom Crisps, Steelhead Salmon with Citrus sauce, Crispy Spinach, Toasted Saffron Couscous Pearls, Baby Iceberg lettuce with Maytag Bleu Cheese and Yogurt ranch dressing and for dessert, Milk Chocolate velvet cake.

President Obama apparently following the old prescription, 'Keep thy friends closer and keep thine enemies closer' was seated a table with Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Read the full story here.

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